Valentine's Day Special - Akoya Oyster Pearl and Starfish Pearl Cage Pendant, perfect gift!!!

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 Valentine's Day Special - Akoya Oyster Pearl and Starfish Pearl Cage Pendant, perfect gift!!!

Buyer receives 1 akoya oyster with akoya pearl inside in a decorative valentine's day bag. Also included is our Starfish Pearl cage on an 18" silver plated chain. Our Starfish Pearl cage is a silver plated pearl cage accented with crystals. It is stamped RJS, which is are artist's signature stamp.  The cage holds up to one 8mm pearl. The cage and necklace come in a red jewelry bag.

Akoya Oyster Experience- Oyster with akoya pearl only. No dyed pearls are used as sold by other sellers as "natural color". If it's a dark colored pearl, either it's dyed or a much less valuable freshwater pearl direct from China. Ours are real akoya pearls from real akoya oysters. Don't be fooled by sellers who do not know their pearls. If you're buying it on etsy, its most likely a freshwater pearl the seller is calling an akoya. We have been professionally educated by the GIA and members of the GIA Alumni Association among other professional trade organizations. We have accountability and professional knowledge most sellers don't.

Also comes with certificate of authenticity.

Others sell "akoya" oysters with valueless dyed freshwater pearls. These are real akoya pearls. We are members of the GIA Alumni Association.

Verified Akoya Pearl by both GIA and EGL gem labs. We pay to have our pearls tested by two reputable labs to make sure you get what you pay for.

The pearl is a saltwater cultured Akoya pearl. It will be between 6 mm to 8 mm round pearl.

The colors are random. It could be pink, white, Yellow/gold, lavender, grey or other various pastels. There is a full rainbow of possible pastel colors. The pearls are round with excellent luster. Your pearl will fall into one of the color groups that are pictured.

If you purchased a pearl elsewhere and doubt the sellers expertise or if the pearl is dyed or not as described, we offer XRF testing for a small fee.

This mollusk comes in a plastic bag. It was raised on an oyster farm for the purpose of creating a pearl. The item will last for over a year inside the bag. There is no odor of fish when opening the item because of the preservation process.

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