Love Peace Box Pick A Pearl Cage 925 Sterling Silver Symbol Charm Love Heart

AOS Design

Regular price $24.00

925 Sterling Silver (solid silver) Pearl Cage

Charm: The charm is solid sterling silver. The cage opens up for the buyer to insert a pearl or a small decorative bead or gem. The cage and necklace are new. The cage will hold up to a 9 mm pearl. The charm is .75" long and .75" wide.

Necklace: The necklace is 18 inches long. You have the option to upgrade to a solid silver necklace in this listing or go with the cheaper silver plated necklace. The lower priced option is for a silver plated necklace (not solid silver). The higher priced option is for a solid silver chain. You also have the option to buy the cage only or  cage with one white undrilled pearl.

This is an AOS Design exclusive, designed by our artist RJS. We hope you enjoy our designs.

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